Our main objective with this training course is to train as many front-line workers such as bar and security staff as possible, in order to raise awareness about drink spiking amongst venues, ensuring staff know what they can do to help victims, and minimising the frequency of this horrendous crime in our society.

There are many signs that somebody has had their drink spiked, and many things that venues can do to be spike-aware, and reduce the chances of drink spiking occurring.

On top of this, if someone is unfortunately a victim of drink spiking, there are many things you can do to help them, make sure there are no adverse consequences as a result of the spiking, and ensure that they get home safely and well.

Our bespoke Drink Spiking Awareness course can be booked through the form below. This is a 2-hour course covering all key information that venues need to know about spiking, including  the following:

  • What is drink spiking?
  • What substances do people use to spike drinks?
  • What are the symptoms of drink spiking?
  • Consequences of drink spiking on businesses.
  • What can venues do to safeguard against spiking?
  • Immediate actions: what to do if you are made aware of a victim.
  • How easy is it to spike a drink?
  • Correct policy, procedure and risk assessment to put in place.

There are many reasons why people spike drinks. Sometimes, it may be a friend thinking they are doing you a favour by adding extra alcohol to your drink. It may be someone pranking you – not funny if you have to drive later for example. It may be someone who wants to have sex with you – possibly because they hope you are less likely to say no when you’re drunk, or maybe they want you so intoxicated that you can’t even say no. It might be that they want to incapacitate you in order to rob, sexually assault or rape, or it may be one of many other reasons.

Because of the wide range of substances used to spike drinks, there are a huge range of symptoms. This is one of the main points we aim to convey to staff undertaking our training course, so they are able to identify the difference between a spiking victim and a drunk person, and take on the appropriate course of action.

We also train and educate on many misconceptions around spiking in venues, including:

  • spiking is only done to women (although approximately 70% of victims are female)
  • spiking is only done by men
  • spiking is only done to alcoholic drinks
  • spiking only happens at night in bars and clubs

These are all wrong, drink spiking could happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time and to any drink.

Alongside having the knowledge needed to safeguard your customers, accreditation allows you to be recognised as a Drink Spiking Aware venue, and you can carry the SOS Drink Spike Aware logo on all merchandise to publicise your ongoing mission to create safeguarding for your customers.


£125.00 per person, excluding VAT

For more information on our training courses, or if you would like to book a training session please contact us:

20 Min Online Course

This course is designed for anyone who works in the nighttime economy, or ultimately anyone with an overall interest in public health and safety who wants to educate themselves on the horrendous crime that is drink spiking. This includes venue management, bar staff, security staff, emergency service workers, taxi drivers, teachers, street pastors, parents,  and anyone who has an interest in the safety and wellbeing of people to safeguard and protect against this cowardly crime. 

This course will cover:

  • The symptoms of drink spiking,
  • The drugs that are commonly used to spike drinks and how long it takes for them to take effect,
  • The common motives behind drink spiking,
  • What to do in the event of coming across a victim of drink spiking.




*Certification costs £5 upon successful completion of the course.